Human Instruments


Rolf Gehlhaar is a composer of instrumental electronic and computer music. He is a pioneer in musical interactivity and has developed a system named SOUND=SPACE sine the late 70′s. His body of work includes generative visuals and music, Gravity Drawings & CaDaReMi, computer-aided composition and performance named HEAD-SPACE and computer controlled kinetic sculptures exhibited at Kinetica and in private collections.

After studying Philosophy and Science at Yale University and postgraduate studies in Music at the University of California, Berkeley, he was engaged by Karlheinz Stockhausen as his personal assistant  in 1967 for three years. He became a freelance composer and performer. From 1971 he received over 50 major commissions, numerous prizes and appointments at international electronic and computer music research institutions - IRCAM Paris  /   The Centre Pompidou Paris  /  The Sydney Opera House  /  CEM Netherlands  /  University of New England NSW  /   MIT Cambridge  /  Hayward Gallery London and has developed numerous interactive music installations throughout Europe.

He was lecturer in composition at Dartington College, artist in residence at the Sydney Conservatorium, visiting lecturer at the University of New England, NSW and MIT, Course Director in Design & Digital Media at Coventry University, and most recently, he has completed a 3-year term as artistic director of digitally mediated music projects for the disabled at Casa da Musica, Porto. He is Professor in Experimental Music at Coventry University, technical director of the British Paraorchestra, researcher and developer of assistive music technology, freelance composer and multimedia artist, residing in London.

Vahakn Matossian-Gehlhaar is first and foremost an artist with BA’s and MA’s in Product Design from Brighton and Royal College of Art respectively. He runs an independent design studio in East London that specialises in interactive and real-world public projects. Clients include, Yamaha, Hulger, Glastonbury Festival, British Film Institute, Innovation Labs, Troika and Cybersonica.