3D prints from Formlabs for a prototype hands free instrument

Human Instruments is an organisation which researches, designs and develops high quality Accesible Music Technology (AMT) and instruments in design collaboration with disabled musicians.

Society has created barriers for disabled people to receive an education or build a profession in music.

We create opportunity by designing and building beautifully crafted musical devices to complement and rival traditional orchestral instruments.

We are committed to bringing about a shift in music culture as powerful as the Paralympic games

 We have worked closely with the British Paraorchestra and Friends, an inclusive orchestra of incredible musicians.

We have been a part of truly innovative and inspirational musical spectacles and it is our vision to bring talented disabled musicians, performers and composers to the world stage.

Human Instruments is actively seeking collaborative projects, financial support and welcoming new players and team members to create professional Accesible Music Technology.

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Clarence Adoo plays with Paraorchestra & Friends conductor Charles Hazlewood

Human Instruments was founded by London-based father and son team Rolf Gehlhaar and Vahakn Matossian. Rolf was a composer of instrumental electronic and computer music. He was a pioneer in musical interactivity and has developed a system named SOUND=SPACE sine the late 70′s. Other works include generative visuals and music, computer-aided composition and performance instruments and computer controlled kinetic sculptures exhibited at Kinetica Museum London and in private collections internationally.

After studying Philosophy and Science at Yale University and postgraduate studies in Music at the University of California, Berkeley, he was hired by Karlheinz Stockhausen for three years after which he became a freelance composer and performer. He received over 50 major commissions, prizes and appointments at the worlds leading international electronic and computer music research institutions. RG 1943 - 2019

Vahakn Matossian MA Rca is a music specialist and product designer working internationally from London. 

Son of Armenian activist and writer Nouritza Matossian, Vahakn founded an Art & Design studio which creates interactive public projects, talks, installations, workshops and exhibitions. Based in London, the studio takes pride twisting reality to show the world in a different light. Play, discovery, inclusiveness and imagination are the imperative.

Collaborators and clients include, IRCAM, Yamaha, Rhizomatiks, TROIKA, WIRED Lab, British Council, Glastonbury Festival, British Film Institute, Innovation Labs, Denmark, Music Tech Fest, MIT Technology Review and Cybersonica.

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Vahakn tests Doosafon prototype during development of Touch Chord




Past Events

29 June 2019  Talk and Haptic Baton Demo at Hackoustic, London
6 March 2019  Talk and Haptic Baton Demo at Music Hackspace, Somerset House, London
24 Feb 2018  Key note presentation and demo, Think Big! Act Small IDE2018 IMAX, Bangkok, Thailand
10 Oct 2017 Keynote Talk Emtech Toulouse, France 

Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian

Composer / Performer

Developer / Coder

Human Instruments would not be where it is today without the work + support of...

Pere Calopa  Noémie Ducimetiere  Edoardo Fusaro  Nouritza Matossian   Francisco Norris 

Susan Mullins / Enterprise TFL Foundadtion  /  PL Ilica Foundation for the Endowment of the Arts

Special thanks to Maxine Molyneux, Hayasdan Vartanian, Leonie Van Ness, Talar Aghbashian & Garo Touhtarian, Solveig & family, Lexi Mills, Petschek family, Ben Westoby, Nancy Stylianou, Geoff & Leanna, Tessa Pettman, Sabi Westoby, Garo Berberian, Lara Atkin, Rafael and Magda, Carien Meijer, Nancy and Bill, Sandy and Penny Liu, Per Hartmann, Joyce Gehlhaar, Isabelle Ducimetiere, Martin Wesley-Smith, Charles Frank and Eleanor Sebastian, Sharon & Lori, Anis Berluce, Arianne Ducimetiere, Shahe and Zvart Gulian.