The Haptic Baton is a wireless conducting system that aims to smash down barriers. Currently visually impaired musicians around the world can find it difficult to perform with traditional conducted orchestras as they cannot physically see the conductor to follow them. This is a huge missed opportunity for players, music lovers and the world of music as a whole.

The Baton Project aims to help change this. To progress music culture forever. To provide access for all to music creation and the stage.

This new device captures the speed, angle, attack and sway of the conductor’s hand in real time and beams it directly to every player wearing a vibration receiver. They feel the expression and timing of the conductor - as if they were seeing the baton itself.

The Haptic Baton was invented by Rolf Gehlhaar and developed with Charles Matthews in partnership with The Paraorchestra and Friends, Percussionist Kyungho Jeon and Dominant Agency Korea


Photos from the first ever performance...