Touch Chord

Touch Chord is a touch sensitive breath controlled instrument.

This is the first breath powered accessible instrument that allows the player the ability to play notes and chords over three octaves with only two fingers. The unique layout and design means the player does not need previous musical training to play and write complex chord sequences or melodies.

The breath control provides a dimension of expression missing from touch screen virtual instruments and buttons.

Created in collaboration with Bare Conductive and features Electric Paint and Touch Board.

Hi Note

Hi Note was developed for Clarence Adoo, a trumpeter who suffered a car accident and wished to continue making music. Clarence works at the Sage Gateshead.

Hi Note is an innovative and highly technological instrument. Our mission is to develop a hands free music controller for people with limited physical movement looking specifically at people with paralysis.

Hi Note is developed with a 9-dimensional wireless motion sensor developed by Music Bricks and IRCAM called the Riot sensor.

The Hi Note headset empowers the player to select and play musical notes with feather-light breath pressure as well the ability to control any computer. Using breath pressure, head position and in the future other mouth controls, the device will allow the player to perform and compose all kinds of music.

Hi Note has its own custom control screen that plays with popular music software Ableton Live